A fireworks display at American billionaire Tony Malkin’s estate sparked a large fire

New Year’s Eve celebrations at American billionaire Tony Malkin’s estate in rural New Zealand turned disastrous when a fireworks display sparked a large fire. Despite objections from local residents, the fireworks display went ahead at midnight, resulting in the swift call to firefighters to extinguish the flames.

A neighbor of the estate shared a photograph of the fire, stating that Malkin has yet to issue an apology for the incident. The extent of the damage caused by the fire is currently unknown.

This incident has sparked outrage among local residents and on social media, with many accusing Malkin of reckless behavior and ignoring the potential dangers of setting off fireworks. Some have called for stricter regulations on the use of fireworks, particularly in dry and high-risk areas prone to wildfires.

Malkin, a real estate tycoon and CEO of Empire State Realty Trust, has not yet publicly commented on the incident. His luxurious estate, located in the Wairarapa region, is known for its expansive grounds and stunning views of the surrounding countryside.

This is not the first time that Malkin’s fireworks displays have caused controversy. In 2017, a similar incident occurred at his estate, resulting in a smaller fire that was quickly contained by firefighters. At the time, Malkin issued a statement apologizing for the inconvenience caused to neighbors and thanking the firefighters for their prompt response.

The use of fireworks has long been a contentious issue, with debate over their safety and potential harm to the environment. While many enjoy the colorful displays, there are increasing concerns about the risks they pose, particularly in dry conditions.

In the wake of this latest incident, it is likely that the debate over the use of fireworks will be reignited, with calls for greater caution and regulation in their use. For now, the focus remains on containing the fire and assessing the damage caused by the fireworks display at Malkin’s estate.

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