Christians are now a minority in England and Wales!

Wow, it’s surprising to see that Christianity is no longer the majority belief in England and Wales!

It’s certainly been a huge decline in the past ten years according to Census 2021, less than half of people now identify as Christian compared to 59.3% back in 2011. 

The Archbishop of York summed it up well by acknowledging that we’re in a new era where people don’t just automatically identify with Christianity anymore. 

Although Christianity took a hit, other religions have taken off; every major religion excluding Christianity grew during this same time period. 

It’ll be interesting to see if these numbers stay the same or shift over the next decade – only time will tell.

Here is how social media reacted to the decline rate of chiristianity:

Christianity is a relationship not politics or a cultural claim. “Many are called, but few are chosen “

There are few real Christians in the world the movement, as it turns out, got corrupted

Maybe… just maybe, everyone should be free of picking their own religion and if you don’t want to believe in a God you should.. Why do religious almost always want to convert you. I believe in myself and I’m doing fine. It wouldn’t cure my chronic disease or bring my mum back if I started to believe in Allah or Jesus or whomever..

Idc abt the past or spirituality.. but i feel that christians are a group of ppl.We mustn’t hesitate to rebuild our community jus like muslims n hindus. Christians stayed as majorities n will remain majorities.🙌🔥

Research question is wrongly posed. However, true numbers are finally emerging. In the past everybody was identifying as Christian without having understood what Christianity entails, just because by family lineage they had to say they were Christians. This statement is clearly misleading, we should look at how many active Christians are out there and compare these numbers over time and I personally expect a different result 🙂

I wonder how many will celebrate Christmas this year – Christian! Give Easter eggs – Christian events. Use churches for funerals. As Kate Bottley put it there is a ‘ I’m not religious but’ category

I think the development of civilization and economy has had a great influence on spiritual feelings. People will be increasingly lazy to identify them with certain religions; people will increasingly humanist, even if they love the Lord Jesus Christ, not necessarily they will regard Christianity as a religion. So, a census like this is something complex for modern society.

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