Dan Hurd Net Worth (2023) | The Gold Prospector & Teacher!

Dan Hurd is a real-life Indiana Jones! It’s true – in his spare time, he enjoys nothing more than gold prospecting. 

He has even taken it a step further and established an online store, teaching courses, and even has a YouTube channel dedicated to it. 

Let’s have a look at Dan Hurd lifestyle and Dan Hurd net worth. Stay tuned.

Dan Hurd Net Worth 2023

When it comes to Dan Hurd’s net worth, the exact numbers remain something of a mystery. What we do know is that thanks to his wildly popular Youtube channel – boasting over 981K subscribers – he’s making a lot of money from sponsorships and advertisements. 

In addition to this, Dan sells a selection of garnets and ocean picture stones harvested from his own prospecting on his website, giving him another notable source of income. 

Dan’s admirers certainly won’t want for further insight into the YouTuber’s wealth anytime soon, but at least they can rest easy knowing that he has multiple streams providing him with generous profits!

We can take a wild guess about Dan Hurd net worth and he is probably a millionaire!

Despite having dabbled in the art of prospecting as a child for only a few sessions, Dan is giving it another go. After relocating to the gold-rich area of Kelowna, British Columbia, he couldn’t help but give it one more chance. 

He brought his children along for the adventure even though they weren’t exactly thrilled with the idea. Although they may not be sold on Dan’s passion yet, he certainly loves every moment of his new hobby – prospecting.

Of course, he insists that this is all part of his hobby rather than a full-time business venture. When the wanderlust for gold prospecting subsides, Dan retains his position as a teacher at Mount Boucherie Secondary School where he helps to educate the future generation. 

What an exciting career and side gig combination – Mr. Hurd certainly knows how to make the most of his skills while having fun!

When it comes to Dan Hurd’s YouTube channel, his prospecting course is one of the most buzzed-about features. 

Dan makes his living teaching others how to uncover gold and, sure enough, he knows a thing or two about all the strategies needed for success. 

His course promises to be an invaluable resource for the budding prospector – not to mention you don’t have to leave the house if you don’t want to! It’s proof that you can become a master miner without ever having to get your hands dirty (unless you want to!).

Dan Hurd YouTube Channel

Dan Hurd has become a Youtube phenomenon since creating his channel back in 2008 and uploading 707 videos. With an incredible total of 981K subscribers and 204 million video views, he has built an impressive fan base around the world. 

His most popular video, “Finding Freaky Fossils with the Fossil Freak!”, has been viewed a whopping 9 million times – just further proof of Dan’s talent as a content creator. 

It’s safe to say that if you’re not already subscribed to Dan Hurd’s YouTube channel, now is the time to do it because you will surely love his channel. YouTube is the main source that accounts for Dan Hurd’s net worth!

What is gold prospecting?

Gold prospecting is the process of searching for deposits of gold on the Earth’s surface. Gold prospectors use various methods to find gold, such as panning, sluicing, and dredging. 

These methods involve different techniques and tools to separate gold from other materials in the ground, such as rocks and sediment. 

Once a deposit of gold has been located, the prospector may then extract the gold using a variety of methods, such as mining or excavating the deposit. Gold prospecting can be a rewarding hobby or even a full-time job for some people.

How is the idea of starting a gold prospecting youtube channel?

The idea of starting a gold prospecting YouTube channel could be a good one, depending on your goals and target audience. 

YouTube is a popular platform with millions of users, and there is likely to be some interest in gold prospecting content. 

By creating a YouTube channel and sharing your knowledge and experience with others, you could help educate and inspire others who are interested in gold prospecting. 

You could also use your channel to promote your business or services, such as your online store or prospecting courses.


Dan Hurd has been incredibly successful with his YouTube channel and has been spending time on things that he loves to do and making lots of dollars at the same time.

FAQs on Dan Hurd!

How much is Dan Hurd worth?

Dan Hurd is worth a million dollars, if not more.

Where does Dan Hurd live?

Dan Hurd loves living in his hometown of Kelowna, British Columbia. Being Canadian-born, he’s taken advantage of his country’s natural beauty to explore and excavate the land – usually within the surrounding area. 

As an avid prospector and miner, Dan has adopted Kelowna as his home base and continues to take great pleasure in finding exciting rocks and other minerals around town. 

He is always looking for new treasures beneath the surface, including diamonds and fossils. It’s obvious how Dan has turned a passion into a profitable hobby by loving his home turf so much.

How old is Dan Hurd?

We don’t know how old Dan Hurd is, but he appears to be in his mid-65s or so!

Where is Dan Hurd from?

Dan Hurd is from Canada, and he loves his country.

How much money does Dan Hurd make on YouTube?

It’s quite hard how much Dan Hurd would make on YouTube considering how much he charges for sponsorships and other promotions along with youtube advertisements but it is safe to say that nothing below $20K

What is Dan Hurd’s prospecting website?

Dangurdprospecting.com is the website name of Mr. Dan Hurd where you can find everything that he does, promotes, etc.

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