DNA Test Reunites Family in the USA After 51 Years

After 51 Years Apart, an American Family Is Reunited Thanks to DNA Testing. 

A woman by the name of Melissa Highsmith was taken from her house by a babysitter in the year 1971.  Melissa Highsmith was just 22 months old when she was taken away from her parents.

Now after 51 years Melissa Highsmith got reunited with her father and mother. This is crazy but thanks to the DNA test, Melissa was able to join her family even if its too late.

The family looked for it for years without any success, but eventually, after sending DNA samples to an online ancestry resource, they discovered a match.

After getting back together with her family, Melissa Highsmith has decided that she wants to change her name.

Below is how social media reacted to this family reunite!

I hope netflix will make the documentary

That’s really great to see how technology help people to unite them together👏❤️❤️.

I would want to know why the babysitter took her, did she raise her herself?

Bless them all. Hopefully they can now make some happy memories together ❤

Wow I’m so happy for them. But this was so sad also.. So much time lost.. Poor parents..

How does one even go back to normal life after that

Imagine hiring a rando babysitter over the phone and just leaving your kid with a roommate to hand off the said stranger. The fact that this mom didn’t even take the time to meet the babysitter??? Nahhh

Amazing and sad at the same time. Amazing that after all this time, she reunited with her family. Sad because she lost a long time away from her.❤️🔥

Inspiring & cheers for their reunion just because of DNA a modern time health technology and types of procedures.

Omg cant believe how someone can take a baby away from their parents… It’s a long death

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