Europe to Allow Calls on Flights After 5G Approval

Being able to stay connected while in the air is now just a few steps away with the European Commission ruling allowing airlines to provide 5G technology onboard planes. 

That’s right, you can kiss goodbye to airplane mode and say hello to being able to make calls, stream music, and watch your fave shows – all from the comfort of your aeroplane seat. 

How cool is that? Now you finally have a practical use for those in-flight hours – get ahead on work or catch up with friends without having to worry about draining your data plan! We can’t wait for these new updates to take off!

The below mentioned content shows how social media reacted to this new airplane rules by Euorope:

Wow didn’t think I could hate flying anymore

Oh great! Now we will have people screaming on phones, on a planeđź‘Ť

This will be stopped after the first jet goes down due to all the passengers with data on🤦

Noooo now I will have to work on a flight….

Boooooooo. The cranky old man in me does not want to listen to a metal tube full of phone conversations at 35,000 feet.

Nobody wants to hear your private phone call. Would rather be stuck on a plane of crying babies than hearing your weekend plans.

My favourite part of flying was that for a few hours nobody could reach me. A few hours completely for myself.

Not looking forward to Karen next to me calling the Airlines’ costumer service from the air demanding an immediate change of pilot because she felt some vibrations.

No , we don’t want this. We want peace while flying not headaches. Thanks

At first I thought, this is great, then I remembered not everyone will exercise thoughtfulness, courtesy, kindness and respect.

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