France Has Made Condoms Free for 18 to 25 Years Old

It’s fantastic to see France taking a positive step forward with this “small revolution in contraception”. 

President Emmanuel Macron has decided that ensuring 18-25 year-olds have access to free condoms is the best way to protect people from STIs – and it certainly seems like this could be a real game changer. 

Having seen such a spike in STI rates over the past two years, hopefully this plan will go some way towards improving this situation. 

It might only be small, but coming from the president it’s clear that there are high hopes for this initiative – and here’s hoping it’ll make a huge difference!

Here is how social media reacted to this after France made condoms free:

Nice but what about sanitary pads for those girls lives without shelter?…i wonder how nobody is talking about free distribution of pads but everybody is happy for condoms👏, well done

How about people over 25 y.o? But I hope more developing countries will follow this step

In São Paulo, Brazil, you can pick as many condoms you want at the subway stations, for free, for any age. Also at pharmacies and health stations

It has been free for 16-25 years old in the UK for more than 21 years.

Out of touch with this generation! Should be from 16 up to … avoids underage unwanted pregnancies. Looking after & educating the right way the futur.

An easy way of saying our children/ young adults are become more and more of sex addicts, our morals are dropping 😢😢😢 and God is far from our message. We are gradually losing it. We cannot ask our young Adults to stay straight and pure anymore, the least we can do is protect them😢

In india even if you’re paying, the people near to u in the shop would stare like u’re buying some planes to crash into some building or what. No wonder we r 1.3 billion

They should be free for everyone. And female sanitation products should be free for the whole population on earth too

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