Houston Jones Net Worth (2023) | Bodybuilder and YouTuber!

Everyone knows Houston Jones for his wild, larger-than-life stunts as a bodybuilder on YouTube, but did you know he’s more than just a one-trick pony? 

In addition to being an online star, he also puts in hard work at the gym and off the camera – training in Brazilian Jujitsu and teaching amateur MMA fighting at his own gym. 

This article will go through Houston jones net worth and his lifestyle.

Houston Jones Net Worth 2023

Houston Jones is one of the more successful content creators on YouTube and is estimated to have a net worth of around $5 million thanks to his channel. But that doesn’t mean he hasn’t put in the work to get there! 

He’s now been producing videos for almost a decade, gradually gaining more subscribers with each upload. 

Houston Jones was always envious of his uncle’s toned physique and wanted to figure out the secret behind his success. 

When Houston learned that his uncle was a professional bodybuilder, he knew it was his opportunity to shape up and get serious about fitness. 

He sought advice from the experienced bodybuilder and started putting in hard work and dedication himself. He understands that fitness is a lifestyle, with meals and exercises planned day in and day out. 

His motivation has converted into perseverance, something which he hopes to pass on to other aspiring fitness fanatics.

Houston Jones Youtube channel

For an aspiring YouTuber, Houston Jones has done exceptionally well in such short time. He started his channel back in 2015 and since then, his subscriber count has drastically increased, reaching a total of over two million. 

His videos have gotten over 303 million views and his most popular video was uploaded in 2017 titled “Bodybuilder VS 12 Gauge RUBBER BUCKSHOT” and that alone has racked up more than 11 million views! 

It’s no surprise why he’s gaining so much traction for his wild stunts with respect to bodybuilding!

Houston Jones also sells his merchandise on BBTV shop through which he is making some money as well which will add to his net worth.

Conclusion on Houston Jones!

Houston Jones isn’t your typical guy – he more of an adrenaline junkie who puts his body through the wringer just for a thrill, and that thrill is seen by all his viewers. 

Despite the controversial nature of such actions, Houston has gathered a loyal following who can’t get enough of his wild antics. 

FAQs on Houston Jones

How old is Houston Jones?

Houston Jones is 29 years old freak as of 2023.

How much is Houston Jones net worth?

Houston Jones net worth is approximately 5 million USD as of 2023

Where does Houston Jones live?

Houston Jones is from Michigan, USA and he stays there as of now.

Is Houston Jones gay?

It doesn’t seem like Houston Jones is gay but we will keep you updated on this if Houston Jones gets committed to any relationship in the future! As of now, we dont have any information with respect to Houston Jones dating history.

Is Houston Jones married?

No, Houston Jones isnt married yet but you can expect him to get married anytime soon as he is getting to that age and no Houston Jones doesnt have any GF as of now as well!

Yes, Houston Jones has a Twitter account?

Yes, Houston Jones has an active Twitter account with the username houstonjones26. Houston joined Twitter on 2013.

Is Houston Jones on Instagram?

Yes, Houston Jones is active on Instagram, and his username is houstonwjones.

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