How Old Is Mickey Gilley’s New Wife Cindy? Cindy Loeb Age

Cindy Loeb really was a blip on Mickey Gilley’s radar. The couple never seemed to hit their stride before it all fell apart, with them staying together for about a year and 10 months. They never achieved the “happily ever after” that many people hope for. 

Though there was no happily ever after for this couple, nevertheless it did secure Cindy Loeb’s place in history as Mickey Gilley’s third wife. 

Even if they didn’t have the white picket fence life, at least the two found some closure in their short marriage. Meanwhile, of course, Mickey is still a father of four children whom he had from previous marriages.

How Old Is Mickey Gilley’s New Wife Cindy

Mickey Gilley’s new wife, Cindy Loeb is 71 years old. Although everyone knows and loves the songwriter and country music singer Mickey Gilley, his new wife Cindy Loeb has kept her life mostly a mystery the couple only recently announced their secret marriage in 2020. 

Not much is known about Cindy, though what we do know is that she is 71 years old and that the two have been friends for some time. 

He was born in 1936 in Natchez, Mississippi, and is best known for his hits “Room Full of Roses,” “Don’t the Girls All Get Prettier at Closing Time,” and “Stand by Me.” Gilley began his music career in the 1950s, and became a successful recording artist in the 1970s and 1980s. 

He has released more than 20 albums and has been honored with several awards and accolades throughout his career.

Gilley has also opened several successful nightclubs, including the famous Gilley’s Club in Pasadena, Texas.

Legacy of Mickey Gilley 

Mickey Gilley is a legendary American country music star with over 50 top hits. 

Born in Ferriday, Louisiana in 1936, Mickey began his music career back in the 1950s when he started performing at nightclubs and juke joints near his hometown. 

His success really took off in 1973 when he opened up Gilley’s Club on the outskirts of Houston, Texas and went on to become a popular destination for artists who wanted to perform in front of adoring fanbases. 

In 1980, the motion picture “Urban Cowboy” was released which eventually featured one of his biggest hits “Stand By Me”. From there, Mickey had a string of more top singles like “True Love Ways”, “Room Full Of Roses” and “Don’t The Girls All Get Prettier At Closing Time”. 

Mickey Gilley died on 7th May, 2022 and Mickey was 86 years old when he died.


Who was Mickey Gilley’s last wife?

Mickey Gilley’s last and third wife’s name was Cindy Loeb.

What is the full name of Cindy Loeb?

Cindy Loeb Gilley is the full name of the third wife of Mickey Gilley

What was Cindy Loeb’s age when Mickey Gilley died?

Cindy Loeb age as 69 years when Mickey Gilley died

Was Cindy Loeb a known personality before Mickey Gilley married her?

No, Cindy Loeb was just a normal person before she gained fame for getting married to Mickey Gilley!

How many months did Mickey Gilley and Cindy Loeb spend Together?

Mickey Gilley and Cindy Loeb spend together for 1 years and 10 months.

When did Mickey Gilley and Cindy Loeb got married?

Mickey Gilley and Cindy Loeb got married in the year June 2020 and they were together until 7 May 2022 when Mickey had to leave this earth!

Who was the previous wife of Mickey Gilley before he married Cindy Gilley?

Mickey Gilley’s second wife’s name was Vivian McDonald who died at the age of 80 on Dec 2019!

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