Indonesia Bans Sex Before Marriage – Law to Take Effect After 3 years!

Indonesia’s parliament has just passed a strict criminal code banning any form of sexual activity outside marriage, including among foreign visitors. 

Unmarried couples found in violation of this law can face imprisonment for up to one year, while living together could incur sentences of six months. 

It’ll be three years until the laws go into effect due to expected court challenges, but human rights advocates are worried about the implications it may have on the nation’s women, LGBT people and ethnic minorities. As if living in Indonesia wasn’t difficult enough already!

Here is how social medai users reacted to the verdict given by Indonesian government:

How about banning corruption from the government?

How are they going to enforce this law?

watch them get married only for them to get divorced within a month over and over again💀

Absurd law. Better go back to the colonized dutch law. Also why dont the international media also tell the world that indonesian gov new law made it easier for corruption. Corruption law gets the most minimum sentence. Just to show the whole parliament is corrupted to its core.

What are the advantages of this law to the country? Does it make them safer, enjoy good life, eradicate immorality, good self control etc. I would love to know.

As indonesian i’m deff disagree with our latest law. First, that is absolutely private area. Second, HOW TF THEY WILL ENFORCE THE LAW?

Bali better get bigger prisons. It will be full of Aussies/Brits/Euros/Americans… Lol…Didn’t expect Indonesia to give the bigger countries a run for their money on who can come up with the dumbest laws ever.

This is what happens when u elect religious leaders …. Leaders shud think about the country progressing and not enforcing religious laws….

So, here’s the thing. Most of the christian people here doesn’t even know sex before marriage is banned in christianity too. And the thing is if sex before marriage would be banned everywhere you wouldn’t have to do all these stuff for abortion law. And another thing how does it feels people to not to get to live with your real parents?? And again how does it feels not to knoe who is your real father?? I see there are lot of people is in depression, suicidal. Lot of them are from family problem, childhood traumas. Where are they coming from??.. Trust me if everybody gets to live with their real parents I am 100% sure more than 80% or there wouldn’t even exist.

That’s one way for your country to go bankrupt when it’s income in mostly based on tourism. Most people aren’t married and are only dating. Why would foreigners go there just to have a high percentage to being put into jail. 👏👏👏

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