Indonesia Tourists won’t be Charged Under New Law

Tourists to Indonesia can now relax a little bit more knowing that there is a new law which protects them from being prosecuted for sex or living together outside of marriage. 

For those wanting some time away from home, Bali’s governor has made sure to mention that authorities will not be checking the marital status of visitors, so everyone can enjoy their holiday without worrying about breaking any laws. 

It’s great news that this legislation has taken effect in three years in order to give tourists some peace of mind while they explore all Indonesia has to offer.

The introduction of the law has sparked controversy and criticism from human rights groups, who argue that it is a violation of individual privacy and personal freedom. 

Some have also raised concerns about the potential impact on Indonesia’s tourism industry, as the country has long been a popular destination for international travelers.

Despite these concerns, the Indonesian government has stated its commitment to enforcing the new law and has called on citizens to respect and adhere to the country’s traditional values and cultural norms. It remains to be seen how the law will be implemented and enforced in the coming years.

Here is how social media reacted to this:

So what happens when a tourist meets a local….

Wait, what?? It’s takes effect in 2026 right? 🤦‍♀️or is it 1926? We are just devolving.

So they want you to come spend your money there so they can use the tax proceeds to impose human rights violations? Pass.

As a foreigner, I wouldn’t feel good flying to a country that has enforced such an oppressive, backwards law on its people 😡

So the local people have to suffer from ridiculous laws but tourists don’t ? This is either a trap or it’s so unfair for locals ….

Nobody wants to support that law, or be involved with it in anyway. Hope tourists stay away until they let the locals live peacefully without such laws. Clearly they’re willing to compromise on their “morality” issues ,,,

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