Lionel Messi Consoles Mbappé After Argentina’s World Cup Victory

In a heartwarming moment captured on video, Argentina’s Lionel Messi was seen consoling and hugging France’s Kylian Mbappé after Argentina’s victory in the 2022 FIFA World Cup final. The match, held at the Lusail Stadium in Qatar, ended in a win for Argentina on penalties.

After the final whistle, Messi approached Mbappé and gave him a comforting embrace. The two players shared a few words before Argentina manager Lionel Scaloni stepped in to shake Mbappé’s hand.

The gesture of sportsmanship and camaraderie was met with applause from fans and praise from social media users. It was a touching moment in an intense and highly competitive match, and a reminder of the respect and admiration that exists between top-level athletes.

Despite the loss, Mbappé put in a strong performance for France and will no doubt continue to be a formidable force on the pitch. For Argentina and Messi, the victory marks a historic moment and a triumphant end to the tournament.

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