Man Who Shot Lady Gaga’s Dog Walker Gets 21 Year in Prison

This was a heinous crime and the consequences of which were felt and seen across the globe. 

Ryan Fischer had the unfortunate luck to be walking Lady Gaga’s three French bulldogs in Hollywood when James Howard Jackson shot him in the chest. 

Shockingly, two of the dogs were stolen afterwards, although thankfully Miss Asia managed to run away and was later found by police. Fortunately for all, Lady Gaga offered a whopping $500,000 reward for the return of Koji and Gustav who were recovered unharmed. 

Understandably, Jackson pleading no contest to attempted murder resulted in an inevitable sentence –21 years behind bars here serving as a warning to everyone that such cruel violence will not be tolerated.

Below is how the people of social media reacted to the 21 year prison sentence given for the man for shooting Lady Gaga’s Dog Walker:

What’s crazy is this happened a minute ago. I mean our legal system is slow AF.

The fact that rich people have dog walkers…

Sad. When someone you love gets shot, and particularly when they are killed, it changes you, leaving a permanent wound. And when it is a gang member whom did it, it leaves the victim with two choices: cry or hunt. I prefer the hunt

why keeping pets when u have no time for taking care of them?

Shame that is horrible God bless you Lady Gaga i hope they catch that guy my friend

Im not saying he doesnt deserve to go to prison or serve time, but his sentence seems more extreme than other sentences for more severe cases. And i have to wonder if thats because it involves a celebrity and then i also know of course it does. Which doesnt sit right with me.

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