Nicole Flenory Net Worth 2022 | What’s Her Age & Where is She Now?

Nicole Flenory, played by the talented Laila Pruitt on the Starz crime drama BMF, is a major part of her brother Big Meech’s story. Like her older bros, Nicole was born in Detroit but hailed from Dartmouth. 

In this article, we shall have a look at who is Nicole Flenory and Nicole Flenory net worth.

Nicole Flenory Net Worth 2023

Nicole Flenory is best known for being the co-CEO of Black Mafia Family (BMF)—a convicted drug organization and her current net worth is estimated to be around $5.5 million as of 2023.

She and her brother/partner in crime, Terry Flenory, had a tight grip on their criminal enterprise that spanned over nine states and dealt primarily with cocaine.

Although she is well-known for being a loyal and supportive sister to both Demetrius and Terry (aka Southwest T), she also takes risks that few would ever consider.

Nicole Flenory’s involvement with the Black Mafia Family was kept on the down low until recently. Before Starz aired BMF, only people in the know were aware that Nicole was the younger sister to Southwest T and Big Meech. 

Laila Pruitt played an exceptional job as Nicole when it came time for filming, bringing her story to life in a captivating way that really brings attention to this young woman’s powerful position in it all. 

Sure, plenty of people knew South West T and Big Meech before BMF started streaming, but Nicole had been there working things behind the scenes for a good while before then—and now everyone has gotten to know her better through the show.

Nicole Flenory has had a dramatic life, as her two older brothers were involved in illegal activities that made them millions. 

She saw the consequences of their actions and opted to stay away from the criminal activities, which led her to have a more positive life. What’s peculiar is that Meech & Southwest (as Nicole likes to define her two brothers) argued they got into the drug business because it seemed non-violent to them, something that validates their mistake. 

Final Thoughts!

Nicole isn’t part of BMF anymore and instead embraced a simple lifestyle focused on maintaining the family she loves dearly. 

Nowadays, she spends most of her time documenting those special moments with her beloved husband and children on Instagram, something that changed her perspective of happiness for good.

FAQs About Nicole Flenory!

Where is Nicole Flenory now?

Nicole Flenory has come a long way since her controversial days as the “First Lady” of the Black Mafia Family. Now, she is focused on living a quiet and normal life in Lincoln Park, Michigan. 

She spends time with her family and works outside of BMF-related activities entirely. It seems that Nicole is finally able to put her life together after all this time, and it’s exciting for both her and all of us onlookers to watch something like that unfold before our eyes.

How old is Nicole Flenory?

As of 2023, Nicole Flenory is 23 years old.

Is Nicole Flenory still alive?

Yes, Nicole Flenory is still alive and living a normal and better life.

How much is Nicole Flenory’s net worth?

According to 2023 estimates, Nicole Flenory is worth around $5.5M!

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