At the Appeal Magazine blog, we recognize that protecting your private information is important. We take our responsibility to protect your privacy very seriously and have developed a comprehensive privacy policy that outlines our protocols for collecting, using and disclosing information gathered from readers and other visitors of our blog.

We promise to handle your personal information in a safe, secure manner and promise to never disclose or sell it to any third parties without your explicit permission. Protecting your security is a key priority for us and we vow to always keep your privacy at the forefront of our operations.

Our Appeal magazine blog is dedicated to privacy and transparency. That is why we want you to know exactly what information we collect from you, why we collect it, and how it’s used. We may use the information that you provide us (such as your name, email address) as well as cookies to identify user preferences to improve your experience on our website.

Rest assured that the private data and information collected from our blog are stored securely and only used for the purposes outlined in this privacy policy.

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