After An 11-Day Journey, Three Men Were Discovered On The Ship’s Rudder!

After a journey of 11 days, the rudder of a ship was discovered to have three men seated on it. I mean common, 11 days? This is unbelievable.

The question is how did even survive for 11 days without anything and that too with so little space and water flowing below? Mind blowing really!

The ship had traveled all the way from Lagos, the largest city in Nigeria, to Las Palmas, which is located on Gran Canaria.

More than 2,700 nautical miles were traveled by the ship during its 11 days of journey!

When the tanker reached its final destination of Gran Canaria, all the 3 men who were trapped were taken to a local hospital.

They were mildly dehydrated, but thanks to the medical attention they received, they are all doing fine now!

Below is how social media people reacted to this unbelievable incident!

how did they sleep??? 11 days…

They are battling for their life. But they are so strong and working hard to get back to their original life. May God save them🙌👏

Quest for a better life! Get rich or die hard trying

11 days and only moderate dehydration?? Nothing short of a miracle

How desperate can you be to do this? It’s devastating

They should sell the rights of their story to a movie maker als live a prosper live. I have so many questions. Did they have luggage (food & beverages), a rope to tie them safely somewhere, did they sleep, where they able to stand. I cannot believe the pain in the bottom muscles.

Life ain’t fair to everyone😢😢 the blessed shall stop whining , including myself.

 they usually takes food and some other items along and this May last them up to a week 😢…they actually don’t stay in the rudder while journey we all can see from the image that they came out from their hidden hole when they notice the ship have gotten to her destination

Nigeria really messing up the life of it’s citizen to the extent of taking such risk just to attain greener pastures. I sincerely pray their lives gets better after this. I could imagine how devasted they’re, no food, water, shelter for 11 days. Whew! 😢

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