Twitter Shuts Down Co-Authoring Feature ‘CoTweets’ After Short-Lived Test

Twitter users were in for a surprise as the social media giant announced the shutdown of its co-authoring feature, ‘CoTweets’, on January 31st. The feature, which allowed users to publish co-written tweets, was launched for testing in July of last year.

The move has come as a disappointment to many Twitter users who had welcomed the new feature with open arms. CoTweets allowed users to work together on a tweet, making it easier for friends, colleagues, or team members to collaborate on Twitter content. The feature was particularly useful for organizations and brands, as it allowed them to publish tweets from multiple accounts without having to switch back and forth.

However, Twitter has now confirmed that the CoTweets feature has been discontinued, and existing co-authored tweets will only be viewable for one more month, after which they will revert to retweets. The company has not specified why the feature was discontinued, but it could be due to low usage or technical difficulties.

Despite the shutdown, Twitter has assured users that it is still exploring ways to implement the co-authoring feature in the future. The company stated, “We’re still looking for ways to implement this feature moving forward”. This statement has given hope to Twitter users who still see the potential for collaboration and teamwork on the platform.

Twitter has always been known for its fast-paced and rapidly changing environment, and this latest move is no different. The company is constantly experimenting with new features and updates to enhance the user experience. While CoTweets may have been discontinued, it is likely that Twitter will come up with new and innovative ways for users to collaborate and co-author tweets in the future.

The shutdown of CoTweets may be disappointing to some, but it is also a reminder of the constant evolution of Twitter and its efforts to improve the platform for its users. With the company stating that it is still exploring ways to bring the co-authoring feature back, users can remain hopeful for its return in a more improved form. Until then, users will have to resort to other methods of collaboration, such as retweeting or direct messaging.

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