Us Country Singer Jake Flint Dies Just Hours After His Wedding

Country singer Jake Flint of the United States passed away at age 37, only a few hours after his wedding.

According to information provided by his former manager, Jake Flint passed away peacefully in his sleep.

Jake Flint had just one day ago tied the knot with the woman who would become his wife.

An up-and-comer in the Oklahoma-born subgenre of country music known as “Red Dirt,” Jake Flint was a fan favorite.

To go from being a bride to a widow in the span of a few hours, as Brenda Cline put it, is unimaginable.

Below sentences shows how social media users reacted to the death of Jake Flint:

“To become a bride and a widow in just a few hours…” oh just too tragic to read 😢 RIP

To become a bride and widow in just few hours is painful 😭 May God grant her strength.

I met a guest who lost her husband just after they arrived at the hotel in Hawaii for their honeymoon. 😢

Life is so precious! Thank God everyday I wake up because some people pass away in their sleep

It’s so sad ……… I’ve been watching too much dateline I immediately thought hmmmmm sounds suspicious. 37 he is way too young to die in his sleep .

We just got our wedding album today! Was going through it …. Now reading this news makes me sad. All I can is just pray for the family to get strength to get through this and may he be in peace 🙌

I heard he hit his head after drinking too much at the reception. Probably a brain bleed that progressed over night

Anyone else noticing all of these young people just randomly dieing in their sleep…

eh.. died in his sleep a young 37 year old dying in his sleep this doesn’t add up, RIP

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