Woman Sues Mac and Cheese for Taking More Than 3.5 Minutes to Cook

Woman Sues Mac and Cheese for Taking More Than 3.5 Minutes to Cook

It’s easy to understand why Amanda Ramirez was upset when she found that the microwavable mac and cheese took longer to cook than advertised – after all, nobody likes waiting for dinner! 

Her lawsuit against Velveeta Shells and Cheese means that many other people who have bought the product will be quick to second guess. 

Kraft Heinz Foods Company has responded by describing the lawsuit as “frivolous,” but the matter has certainly sparked conversation about how long it takes to microwave a dish versus what is advertised on the packaging. 

With products like these becoming increasingly popular, it’s worth considering how much attention we give labels when stocking up on groceries.

Here is how the public responded on this:

Some people really have far too much time on their hands 😭😭

Of course it’s Florida. There is no lack of entitled people, that’s for sure.

When I get bored, I just play video games etc. This woman seems like sues companies lol.

I see, Florida realised that it’s place is getting threatened by Ohio so they had to make a move

Even if she was 100% right. How does that entitle her to 5million? Does her 10 extra seconds and a box of mac n cheese cost so much?

Send her to India, we need someone to sue Nestlé for 2 mins Maggi that actually takes 10 mins to cook.

Lol what the hell…. She’s the kind of person that would complain about a coffee being too hot to drink, when it’s fresh out of a machine. 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️

If that’s the biggest thing she has to worry about then she should consider herself lucky!!

Did she hire a mac and cheese expert of a shark of a lawyer i wonder? No ice-related-slpping kind of lawyer can handle this

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